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Woohoo! Who watched this drama and what do you think about it? According to some people's ratings on youtube, this ranked in the 5 web dramas for 2015. If you're a fan of EXO or just enjoy watching kdramas with flower boys, this drama is for you. I thought it would be a little boring but after watching the episodes, it had a really sweet story and the flashbacks made it interesting. The plot was like a sour candy. Sour candies tend to make people's cheek red (or is that just only me? lol). The story will not only make your cheeks red but also fall in love with the characters more. So if you haven't seen it, you should definitely watch it. Fighting! Questions/Answers Where can you watch it? - DramaFever - Youtube Does it have subtitles? - DramaFever = has subtitles. - Youtube = it depends. you gotta look for the language because some are thai subs, viet subs, and etc. How many episodes? - 16 What is the running time? - 15 mins. ⊂((・▽・))⊃ thank you so much for reading.
@chandnip804 I like the end when she ate the rice cakes and then exo came back hehe. I like the ost too.
@chandnip804 Me too! I think I rewatched it too much to the point i memorized all the lines haha! Glad you liked it!
@hyunsaeng638 Ikr. I was kinda sad bc it was so short. They should really make a 16 episodes 1 hr dramas.
@Aripendragon It was.. I wish they had longer running time in each episodes but it was really nice.
@justmeplz1998 Hehe glad you liked it!
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