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All pulled on Dwight, of course.
These pranks created the love-hate relationship between Jim and Dwight, and they are responsible for bringing Jim and Pam (the world's cutest couple) together. Not only are they crucial to major office relationships, they're just clever and funny to watch unfold.
I once read somewhere that Jim spent over $1000 on pranks against Dwight over all nine seasons. Worth it.
Ah, yes, stapler in jello, the original prank. This is the prank that started the hilarious relationship between Jim and Dwight, and the one that elicited such a dramatic response from Dwight that Jim couldn't NOT prank him anymore.
Even in the dark times of The Office when Jim is at a different branch, he still manages to harass Dwight.
Some pranksters won't take their pranks too far, but not Jim. He'd do pretty much anything to bug Dwight.
Honestly, I admire Jim's commitment, this wrapped desk looks very realistic. Must have taken hours to make, for one satisfying moment of Dwight falling on the ground.
Bears...beets....Battlestar Galactica.
Any of the pranks that turn Dwight's annoying behavior around on him are satisfying to watch.
Not only is this my favorite prank ever, it's just my favorite gif on the Internet.
@LizArnone I seriously could just watch that gif over and over again it makes me laugh soooo hard
the dog oneeeeeee omg. i am dying
'Beets. Bears. Battlestar Gallactica.' is one of my all-time favorite scenes from The Office.
Wrapped desk is definitely my favorite! hahaha
@Gavriella that's a great one. Also when he moves his desk into the bathroom or when he puts all of Dwight's stuff in the vending machine...I'm too lazy for all of that, but it's so funny.
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