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Although my 27th birthday came faster than a blink of an eye, I did learn a lot of things. There are some things you didn't know when you're 18 years old, but somehow become an expert in when you're 27. Life just happens, and experience really molds you.

1) You're Worth It.

My goodness, you need to believe every word of that sentence. You are worth it. Don't for one second let anyone make you feel less than, because you're not. If you're in a relationship or a friendship with someone who is constantly putting you down, ask yourself if it's worth it? And I'll answer that for you: no, it's not. You should seek to be around people who lift you up, who want to see you succeed, and who are respectful. What's the point in being around people whose mission is to make you feel terrible about yourself? You are worth it, honey.

2) That Asshole You Dated? Not Worth The Tears.

You may think it's the end of the world that the special person who you sloppy kissed with for 3 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days, dumps you. They were the most perfect human being in the world. You were pretty sure they were perfect. Guess what? You're wrong. They are flawed just like everyone else. And you learn that there are a lot of amazing people out there. Some of them will make great short-term baes. Some will be awesome for a drunken makeout sesh. Some others are great for a conversation over burgers. Some become your friends. Then you score, and actually find someone who is all of those things. But if you need to, cry it out. But remember to pick yourself up.

3) Not Everyone Will Like You

And that's okay. A part of being human is that we find those who we have a connection with, and those that we don't. It's exciting to be the most popular person in school, but you'll soon realize that for whatever reason, someone is not going to like you. You'll be fine. You'll live. Just keep it movin'. Focus on the people who do care about you.

4) Follow Your Dreams

Sometimes it will be hard to break away from what's expected of you, but you need to put your foot down and own your life. Remember, you're going to have to live your life. Live your life doing what you love. When I moved across the state for college, my mother was begging for me to stay. When I decided to travel across the country for my career, my family felt uneasy about my decision. But you need to just do what makes your happy. You're going to let someone down anyway -- ask yourself which decision will cultivate your life and happiness.

5) You're Not Going to Have It Figured Out, Ever

Nobody does. There is no age you will reach where you feel like you've figured out the world. There will always be lessons to learn and mistakes to be made. Think of life as a never-ending marathon. Maybe after awhile, some things will make sense, but life goes through waves.

Make mistakes. Learn as much as you can. Enjoy this thing called life.

THISSSS. @alywoah bringing the wisdom!! #1 for dayyys. I wish I had learned that so much sooner!!
I feel like there's so many of these I'm learning over and over and over again.
LOVE THIS! ALL OF THIS. I feel like as I quickly approach 25, all of this is becoming more clear by the day.
#3 thoughhhhhh!!! ugh thats so hard to remember sometimes
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