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Big Bang did many drama parodies. They would usually show them after their concert or at a tv show. My favorite ones are " Secret Garden" and " Boys over flowers". Seeing their reactions were ever more fun ( or funnier but apparently you can't use it cause it's not a word lol). You guys should definitely watch them and if you have, what are your thoughts about them? Fighting! Questions/Answers Where can I watch them? - Youtube ( That's where I watched them. I'm not sure if yoy can watch them anywhere else.) Are there subtitles? - Yes. It's usually included in the video. How many are there? - I'm not sure but they made parodies with popular dramas. ⊂((・▽・))⊃ thanks for reading. Ps. If you've seen it, what do you think about them?
I watched what I believe to be all of them and really I made a complete kpop newb start shipping BB character just by showing her the parodies. All in all I think this is another reason why in my personal opinion Big Bang will always be No.1 - they got spirit and aren't afraid to act goofy for their fans and will actually have fun (also the fact GD and Daesung look good in dresses lmaoooooooooooooo)
BIGBANG PARODIES ARE THR BEST. They would make you laugh out loud. Especially their "secret garden parody" I was LITERALLY LAUGHING THE WHOLE TIME.
@VIPforever123 OMG HAHA that was my favorite part! I couldn't stop laughing and I honestly kept repeating it over and over!
I loved it when Daesung did the smell smell in Secret Garden!! :D
@momo14e Yaaass haha! I really hope they make more. Glad you liked it!
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