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Online dating has become the norm.

If you are to ask a couple how they met, more times than usually they'll say via online. A few years back meeting people online was frowned upon and 'dangerous', fast forward a couple years and literally everyone is doing it. It's almost not even common anymore to meet anywhere besides online thanks to online dating sites such as tinder, badoo, okcupid and the like.
Meeting someone online can be extremely calming and less intimidating, but at some point you're still going to have to meet each other face to face if you actually want things to go somewhere. There are certain questions you should and shouldn't ask when online dating. Some questions should be saved for meeting in person, but questions to ask prior are just as important and can make or break everything. If you're online dating or having your eye on sometime you think might have potential -- make sure you ask these five questions before consider any further arrangements.

Why Online Dating?

You could have the option of meeting and dating anyone, but you chose to look to online dating instead -- why? That question should tell you a lot about the person and create an intro for the following question.

What Are Your Intentions?

Of course, you want to know what they're looking for in terms of dating or not dating. Do they just want a fling, someone to kick it with or are they looking for something more so long term. All of these things matter and are super important when it comes to figuring out if this person is worth your time or not.

What Are Your Goals And Dreams?

If your potential counterpart replies that they have none of the above, keep it moving. Even if they have yet to accomplish anything, ever single person should have goals and/or dreams. You want to focus your time on people who are ambitious and goal oriented. Someone who reflects your status.

Do You Believe In Love?

Although this question isn't particularly necessary, it's a great way to get inside the persons head and see what their views are. You have a better chance of taking things to the next level with a person who believes in love opposed to someone who doesn't quite know if there is any such thing.

When Was Your Last Relationship?

Anyone who answers this question with an answer that is anything before six months shouldn't even be on an online dating sit to begin with. There breakup is way too fresh and more times than often, they're probably only on the site to pass time and fill a void they aren't exactly ready to fill.

If your prospective dating candidate can answer these simple questions with flying colors, you're granted permission to move onto the next step.

I think these are certainly great things to ask any potential partner, whether online or offline. Though I can see how they become more imperative when there's less face-to-face engagement.
I definitely agree Vin! There need to be specific questions you ask on both occasions whether online dating or not. Questions are the key to everything @VinMcCarthy