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I don't wanna be just fine
I don't know that I want to be good, either
Somedays, I don't know
If I wanna be
at all.
I know I'm tired of mass cards
I know I'm sick of love songs
I know I want to go somewhere
find a waterfall
ain't ever seen one
I wish you were still around
we used to laugh and sing
I wish I'd been there the night you left
coulda been different
coulda been
better, maybe
I loved you, but I didn't remember
til it was too late
I don't wanna say too late anymore
I wanna be right on the money
next time, and
every time
This poem of the day is inspired by the Phoenix song "Long Distance Call", which I only know about because of the Lyric of the Day card that told me about it. Man, those cards are swell. Check em' out!