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Kcon is coming and people are heating up! Are you coming to Kcon this year? Since it's located in the Staples Center, summer heat wouldn't be a problem (except if you're in the line, it would be supeeeeeer hot). You can basically wear anything now that it's indoors because from past Kcon years, it was outdoors and the summer heat will cook you like a chicken. Plus your make up will run and when you meet your oppas or unnies, you will look like you just got out of a terrible breakup and just jumped in a pond full of tadpoles with your mascara running down your cheeks. This year, it would be cooler and more expensive from before. The tickets has gone up but it's worth the money because some people did pass out last year because it was so so hot. The payment is way different from the past years. It's not altogether anymore. You have to buy them separately. I think this year will be fun so if you're going, enjoy! If you're not going, there's always next time so dont worry and make sure to save up (and btw, just watch the performances on YouTube). Fighting! Questions/Answers What should I bring? - Bring something you would bring at concerts. I would bring a backpack, my phone w/ portable charger, makeup bag (so that you can retouch before meeting your oppas and unnies), fan (when you wait in line to get it, it'll be hot), MONEY (they have a lot of booths there and you can but anything from makeup to kpop albums and merch). You can bring more stuff but make sure to research if it's allowed. What should I wear? - Anything! Many people cosplay as their idols or wear their favorite groups' shirts but you can wear anything you're comfortable wearing. This is the time to be daring and show off your makeup skills and dress yourself up and have fun. Can I bring my camera? - NO dslrs or any professional camera. Most phones have really good camera anyways so just enjoy the moment. Where can I buy tickets? - Just type "Kcon 2015 Tickets" and websites will pop up. Who's going? - http://www.kconusa.com/ You can find more informations in the website. ⊂((・▽・))⊃ thanks for reading. Ps. If you're going or not, what are your thoughts ? Ps Ps. Omg Kim Soo Hyun is also coming and Ki Hong Lee. (and many more guests).
@momo14e Hehe hopefully next year when you come, your favorite group comes as well! Glad you liked the info and thank you for your comment!
Who ever sees GEMINI out there take pix ! He said he will have a Fohawk due and back pack!!! I live to far away! If not i would be there!!!!
So lucky the tickets are so expensive and the place is too far for me to be able to go. Maybe I'll go some other time I'm life
@kpopandkimchi Yay I hope you get to go next year and thank you for your comment.
See y'all there!!!:) it's GEMINI
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