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French Phrase of the Day: I'd like a glass of red wine, please.
Obviously, you're going to be needing this phrase A LOT when you go to France. France without red wine is like... is like... a Frenchman without a baguette! Or the Louvre without Mona Lisa!

If you're at a restaurant or a bar and you want to order a glass of red wine, this is what you say to your waiter, or your serveur:

J'aimerais un verre de vin rouge, s'il vous plaît.

I'd like a glass of red wine, please.

Let's break it down!

J'aimerais = I would like...
un verre = a glass
le vin rouge = red wine
s'il vous plaît = please (formal)

Say you want white wine instead. Just change it to vin blanc!
Check out the pronunciations of j'aimerais and s'il vous plaît above if you need help. :)

As for the rest....

'un' is pronounced like the first syllable of 'under' – if you stop before you completely say the 'n.' Try it – don't let your tongue touch the roof of your mouth.

'verre' rhymes with hair – except with the French 'r' sound, rather than the English 'r' sound. You'll be understood even if your French accent isn't perfect.

'de' sounds similar to "Duh!" – but instead of opening your mouth all the way on the 'uh' sound, purse your lips.

'vin' almost rhymes with "on" – but instead of completing the 'n,' stop before your tongue touches the roof of your mouth, like we did with 'un.' In other words, start saying the word – then leave your mouth open at the end.

Bon courage, and enjoy that vin rouge! :)

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