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It's almost dinner time and the only thing I can think about are these amazing brownie popsicles! Look at how delicious these look! Simply put, these are brownies on a stick that have been dipped in candy melts and decorated. How super easy and awesome is this?!
For this, you are going to need brownies. This means buying them pre-made from the store or something that you bake up yourself. For a killer brownie recipe, click here!
Once you've got your brownies done, you need to slice them up and throw some popsicle sticks into them and chill. This is the time to start melting your candy melts and chocolate. Have your decorative sprinkles on hand too.
Melt your candy melts into separate bowls by color. Follow the instructions on your candy melts. Most put them in a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds. Take out and stir. Don't burn these. If you need more time, microwave again in 10-second intervals.
Dip the brownies-on-a-stick into the melted candy and decorate immediately. Place onto wax paper and place into the fridge to firm up. These should peel from the wax paper just fine.
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Whoa!!! So cool! I've literally never seen anything like this before
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I want this in my mouth right now.
looks sooo good. I want them.
I keep seeing things like this online and wonder why I DIDN'T think of it! Yes, I am going to be hitting Sams Club for some store-bought brownies and heading to Michael's for candy melts. You should totally make them too @alywoah!!!
@TessStevens or just get premade brownies from Costco or Sams Club or wherever. I doubt you'd mess these up! :)
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