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@liuser5ever I am so happy to actually have people to talk to, I swear I haven't met anyone in five years who even likes kpop the way we do.
@SavannaSiefkas :o it's okay you have us now!!! I'm actually kind of glad that I live in such an Asian community(maybe it's because I'm also Asian idk?) and even though not everyone will fangirl with me about it I'm so grateful to have some people to talk to.
@GoldenV where are you from?? My area is mainly Asians a few Hispanics and very few Caucasians and African Americans ::
I am actually korean and I wish there was another Asian (doesn't even have to be korean) in my class
I actually have 2 but like I've known them even before I got into Kpop so it's like no effect lmao idk maybe it's just me but when I first got into Kpop I tried making one of them(my bff at the time) sing to me lol it was the best
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