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@liuser5ever @GoldenV I live in a small country town in the middle of Texas I had absolutely no one to talk about kpop with
2 years ago·Reply
@SavannaSiefkas :o it's okay you have us now!!! I'm actually kind of glad that I live in such an Asian community(maybe it's because I'm also Asian idk?) and even though not everyone will fangirl with me about it I'm so grateful to have some people to talk to.
2 years ago·Reply
@liuser5ever I am so happy to actually have people to talk to, I swear I haven't met anyone in five years who even likes kpop the way we do.
2 years ago·Reply
classmate? i wish i had korean roomates, neighbors, friends, teachers, doctors...and the list can go on forever
2 years ago·Reply
I AM the Korean classmate that kpop fans want LOL XD
2 years ago·Reply