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Shout-outs to all my favorite Vingle older sibs, @buddyesd, @biancaP, @TessStevens, and @TerrecaRiley. Word.
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@buddyesd LOL yeah, he was just mad at me for a little bit.
lol that reminds me of when I met my wife, we were in front of her apartment in my pickup and my step daughter was playing in the parking lot. it was like 1am and my wife (we weren't married yet) was falling asleep so I decided to be sneaky and put my arm on her headrest and kinda let my arm fall on her shoulder. my daughter saw this and took action. I was dozing off a little and just heard NOOOOOO!!! and next thing I know my head was hanging out my open window. she literally jumped in the truck to grab her mom and accidentally punched me in the face. we still have a good laugh about it lol
@danidee wow! oh no! he's ok now tho
@buddyesd HAHAHA Wow, I feel like dating with kids is such a different dynamic, especially with situations like that!
@danidee she just turned 18 and had a baby, and I think back at stuff like that and I'm like I just want to hang on to my princess a lot tighter but what can I do