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Se7en was the first Kpop star I ever heard. ☆☆☆STORY TIME!☆☆☆ Long ago, on an instant messaging service called, AOL (America Online), there once was a radio station that player Jrock/pop. It was way back when anime first started getting its footing here in the US. Anyway, I listened to the radio station on AOL and one day heard Se7en's "Hikari" Youtube was still in its early days but the video for the song was up and I watched it repeatedly, falling more and more in love ever time ♡. I learned he was Korean and not Japanese from google and found his other music. Since then I've been a fan! I'm so proud of him and hope to one day share with him how much he inspires me, especially when I write. But that's a story for another day~ Are there any Kpop stars you've been a fan of for more than 5+ years?
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Big Bang, super junior and se7en!