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my god... we're in for another heartbreaking episode yet again... looked at park yoo chun in this picture... see how torn he is.. to protect the one he love, though unwilling he tries to fight his colleagues... i wonder what will happen in the coming episodes.... some say that it's gonna have a sad ending... hopefully not..
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@luphlophita... nadoo!! ^^
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i can' wait to watch next episode
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@nylamrehs 6 hours to go aaaaw i'm dying!!!
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yeah i know..lol... although i don't understand that much korean language, i'm gonna watch the live streaming of i miss you... do you have any idea when jung woo will get shot?
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me too..lol but at least i get to see jung woo kekeke~~ noooooooooooo i'm dying already just want to see jung woo alive T.T i think jung woo will get shot tomorrow and make us dying for another week even i don't want to imagine jung woo dying T.T what do you think?
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