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I'm not surprised they sold that many. After all, they have fans young, old, and all over the world. (^_^) Can't wait to see what awaits us this year.
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Yes, they are...so dreamy. I want them sis!!!!
No! Me! We could kidnap them...but I'm pretty sure Eric can take us. Plus Matt wouldn't be real thrilled.
Well, he should just get over it. It's a good thing he's not on this site. Muahahahaha! But, if we could spend a day with them...*swoons*
We'd be dead from laughing and not being able to breathe. Breathing is important.
Oh, this is true. Isn't amazing how you can watch a group of guys sit around a table...and still find it hilarious? Their relationship and brotherhood is one of the best in the K-entertainment industry.