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There's something I want to ask y'all! What is your dream team?! If you could mash together 5 people from various groups and put them into one super group, who would you choose from where?! Assuming different agencies like SM or YG don't matter and everyone got along with everyone, what would your hodgepodge look like? 😁
If you couldn't tell by my photo, I'm Lee Seung Hyun all the way! Seungri from Big Bang will no longer be the maknae in my dream team! At 24 he's still young, but not the youngest on my team. He's a great vocalist, dancer, and choreographer, which are some useful qualities.
From SJ I'm also Siwon all the way! I've seen many things with him in them that aren't MV related. I love his voice even when he's not singing. Very calm and relaxed. He's the perfect Oppa of the group being 29.
From Shinee it was hard to choose between Minho and Junghyun. Ultimately my choice is Minho. What drew me into him was something very particular. It was about a week ago when ones watching Hello Baby with Shinee. Minho caught my eye the most, so here he is. :D
I recently discovered (not really 'discovered' I've always known about them) Infinite. My bias as of now in this group is Hoya. I feel like he can bring great things to my dream team (especially looks).
Last but definitely not least in my dream team is Kim Namjoon from BTS. He's very intelligent, a great rapper (which a good Korean group needs) and an adorable, funny guy. Being only 20 right now, he's the maknae of my dream team, and a great one at that. I mean look at that face on picture 10, how could you not love him?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
So what do you guys think?! I'd like to know everyone else's dream team! If you had to choose 5 members male or female from 5 different groups, what would it look like? 😁😁
oh this is fun ^^ mine would be different depending on the focus!! but for this I'll choose: J-Hope(BTS) Taemin(Shinee), Sungmin(SuJu), Seungri(BigBang) & Jackson(Got7) ^_^
Yaaaaas! I would have Rap Mon,Daesung,Onew,Sandeul (B1A4) and P.O. (Block B).