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Personally i dont think Daesung gets enough credit. His vocals are amazing and he can go from songs like this.
to songs like this in 3.5 seconds.
Im just looking at Dae as he slowly but surely is becoming my bias. I feel like im betraying my current bias (can you have more than one bias?? yes okay lol) ....But Daesung is love Daesung is life
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Dude, Dae Dae has always been on my bias list. But I agree with you, he is not given enough credit.
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I feel like I'm one of a small group of Dae bias XD I love him so much haha
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I find him to be the most beautifuliest person ever inside and out.His talent and his personality is too angel like. I love my dae dae
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he is so underrated it upsets me
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I love both of the songs look at me and shut up. Really good songs with a really good mv
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