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Sexy Yeo Jin Goo in W Korea
*flails* *flails some more* ....everyone, calm down! He will be 18 one day.
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he is only 15 years old in korean age so for us non koreans, he is just 14 years old... lol... i love this boy but he still needs a little time to ripen before doing sexy pictorials, but i love that last picture of yeo jin goo... he look so adorable...^^
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btw.. who is in your avatar? is it hyun bin?
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@nylamrehs yeah you right, he is definitely too young and looks more on the adorable side but I already see lots of potential for sexiness! mm, the black and white picture? no, i don't think so. I think it's just some random model ^^
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lots of potential.. that's true.. he already has broad shoulders and strong legs so it will just take him a little work out for the arms and the abs...^^ oh, i thought he was hyun bin or yoo ah in...^^
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