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If you were to ask a K-IDOL questions...which would you ask?
*will posted updated versions with responses later :)) for me its.. -Which music artists have you been enjoying lately? -Which fashion trends have you been following lately? -Whats one of your all time favorite movies? -What is one thing you want to tell your fans? -Where is one place you want to go on vacation if you had to choose? -Who is one idol that you want to befriend? -What sports did you/do you actively participate in? and the big question... what is your ideal type?
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Do you mind dating a foreigner ? lol Jk i might actually ask them if they would do a dance off with me.
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Id go with if they would date a fan or just be friends with them?
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I'm asking Junsu if he'd be my man. I'm so serious. "Junsu. Can you just be mine? Can we just run off into the sunset?"
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