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"The world is round, so no matter how far away you go, just like the magic bus, you'll immediately return to the place where you belong." Jeremy You are beautiful Korean Drama
such an awesome drama
totally love love love it
had such a great time watching this drama
this drama taught me soo much
it really showed the culture the lives the stories of kpop stars and kpop
its truely amazing they have such a hardtime sometimes but still smile brightly everyday just for the camera just for thier fans nd sing always soo perfectly just for their fans .
this show was sooo funny
it had the best music the best stroy
great comedy
this is such a great drama
I love ANJEL
taekyung, jeremy shinwoo and Go mi nam
perfect drama
I recommend this show to u all
This show has everything you can ask for a great story superb cast fantastic music that you will love to death , comedy , cuteness overload awesome chemistry , KPOP culture music style related love story , Korean Idols, Asia Prince Jang Geun Suk , Cnblue Yonghwa oppa , FtIsland Lee Hong GI and Park Shin Hye .
I am sharing some my favorite songs from this show with you all hope you all like it , and it will make you all love love love the prince of Asia Jang Geun Suk and his beautiful voice and shin hye unni she is really just perfect from the beginning.
Quotes from my favorite show
sweet couple <3
Song for a fool by shin woo aka Yonghwa Cnblue
his character was really similar to jihu sunbae and this song is really similar to because I am stupid, but what I like more about his character that he never gave up on her till the end. it was always really sweet how he always protect her and watch over her from hiding in the back he was always there for her and she never realized . I think his character was just the sweetest and most caring one.
Jeremy and his song As ever still
this song is beautiful as well as the sweetest the cutest the cheerful jeremy
he was the funny, the light, the smile ,the laugh and the shiny star who will make the mood always happy. I just loved loved his character soooo much .
The funny scenes in the show
The grocery market scene was just the best best best scene ever :D
and and
A.NJELL singing and dancing to SNSD was just the best part totally love love it
Go mi nam and taekyung chemistry was soooo sooo cutte <3 :D
hope you all like this card and will give this show a chance
I waited too long to watch it because I kept it for the time when I had no more exciting dramas to watch lol
and I finally watched and completey love love love it soooo much hahas :) <3 :D
and I am adding this card to kpop community just because this show was a story of KPOP band story of korean kidols and their lives which I think was the best part all credit to it actual owner.
Can I comment that I just realize like 30 seconds ago that the female lead is the same one from heir...
His Drama is daebak, Also HONGIKI! and everyone but really its to great. I played his song at the end like 50 times haha
you gonna hate me but i didnt like the ending
@zlovex yes i agree with you as it was incomplete because she was going to comeback to him after africa tour anyways but I totally love the scene in the concert or else you were shipping for go mi nam and shin woo oppa