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I'm not joking when I say the first 3 pictures are the girl and in fact NOT Chanyeol.. only the 4th one is Chanyeol, to compare! I don't know her name, only that she's japanese, her instagram and twitter are @jnddjm she dresses as Chanyeol on purpose I believe, and her bias is Kai! ^_^
This is possibly the craziest Chanyeol look-a-like I've seen so far!
On another note, I've started this Kpop Look-a-Likes collection and I hope to post one almost every day! (´∀`)ワ
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HOLY CRAP!!??? Ahahahaha I swear I had to study this pic before beleive it's not him in the other photos. lol. this is so cool!
holy mother of yeol
she is awesome :)
This is a bit creepy. I kept on analysing the pictures... A chanyeol doppelganger. thinking about it, it would be much easier to search for her and take a photo with her than taking a photo with Chanyeol😋 I would still want to meet him and take a photo with him though :/
she really looks like chanyeol.