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So I've been in somewhat of a dilemma. Should I go to kcon? I feel like I will enjoy myself by being around so many people that also enjoy kpop but I'm not to keen on spending my money when I won't truly enjoy the concerts.
Out of all of the groups preforming I will go nuts for only 3 groups. Sistar, Got7, and Shinhwa. The rest of the line up I'm just not that into. My friend told me to save up money just in case we get one of my favorite groups coming in later this year (which is doubtful) or to just put that money into my savings for my study abroad trip to Korea next spring. What do y'all think about the line up this year? To go, or not to go... that is the question.
thanks guys for you input and yeah I guess I should take advantage that I live 2 hours away and I can have fun meeting new people.. who knows, maybe I'll fall in love with the other groups performing :) @k8wnba20 @katiems @shjej5835
@zellie15 that's the spirit!
I say go, you can make more money for the next concert. Those of us who live a ways from either coast don't usually get the option to decide. Take it and have FUN!!
Super Junior is one of my fav groups so that's why I'm going to the sat concert. other than that I plan to enjoy the convention itself cuz there will be a lot to do & lots of fellow fans to meet and be around!
my best friend is going but i cant afford it hahaha..