For starters, I've let my more "odd" side show. I make a lot of weird faces and use aegyo.
I tend to do bits and pieces of dances that I see in mvs in kitchens. It could be my own, a friends, or a family members. The tiled floor just seems to fit right for dancing and I probably look like a penguin doing these dances since I'm only 5 ft and a bit chubby. I can't how many times I've been caught doing this.
I've been covering my mouth/partial face whenever I giggle now due to watching idols do it so much. My surprised sounds have been sounding more Korean, not on purpose, just from hearing it so often.
I hope you don't find me as a Korean wannabe. Don't get me wrong, I love the culture and the idols that come from there. I know I am American and I cannot change that at all. It's just habits I've noticed and felt like sharing.
I did most of that before kpop, its just gotten WAY worse XD
I do all these. Definitely with half covering my face when I laugh :)
I do all of
I'm glad I'm not the only one then ^•^ @RochelleDiamond
I 100% agree lol this is me right now haha