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Omg hit me in the feels lol
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gasp *sobs in a corner* OPPAAAAAAAAAAA 馃槩馃槩馃槩
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OH NOOOO !!! 馃槩馃槩馃槩馃槩馃槩 But we as fans will stand strong together as one! And claw out the eyes of anyone who wishes to harm Our Biases, with a plastic fork! The Love of a Fangirl Will always be acknowledged through videos and tweets! And a few likes here and there... But ohh to be able to just see them smile at you... Now that would give me a CORONARY !!!! 馃檳馃檳馃檳馃檳馃檳馃檳
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I guess you can say we can only love from afar. It's a love of a different sort but it's not any less than that of a love of two typical people for eachother. I'll stop here before I turn into Shakespeare ;)
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ahahaha made my day LOL
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