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"It’s a sad day for TVXQ fans as memberYunho begins his military service today and does his duty as a citizen of South Korea. Yunho will enter the training camp in Gyeonggi-do  at 2 p.m. today to begin his five weeks of basic training and then fulfill his military conscription for 21 months. He is due out April 20, 2017. According to local news source The Fact, Yunho met up with fellow TVXQ member Changmin nearby the SM Entertainment office in Cheongdam-dong, as well as with other friends. He is said to have said to Changmin, “I will return after performing my military duties diligently.  You too!” An acquaintance of both members told The Fact that Changmin wanted to go to the army at around the same time as Yunho, even though he could have pushed back his enlistment date and done solo activities, in order to quickly and meet fans again as a complete TVXQ. According to the source, Yunho knows this and is very grateful to Changmin. It is also reported that after saying goodbye to Changmin, Yunho when to the agency’s office and said goodbye to the staff there because he wanted to say he was truly grateful to the people who has been there with TVXQ for 10 years. Changmin will soon be following Yunhoin starting his military service as a conscripted police officer, although the exact date has not been set yet. He is however, expected to enlist this year. He is currently starring in the MBC drama “Scholar Who Walks the Night.” Goodbye, for now, Yunho, and we wish you a healthy and safe time!" Source: Soompi