While they are both from opposing labels and different styled music, they are quite alike. They both love music with a passion and both feel that music is what has them living. They're both very serious about what they want in life. Both of them compose lyrics with deep meanings to them and are talented during solo acts and with their bands.
Jonghyun is very sensitive, which is very touching. He gets teary eyed about the success he has reached alone, and with his bandmates. I love that he's sensitive and posts poetry on his twitter from time to time. He's one of those guys to sip wine with in front of a warm fireplace during winter.
On the otherhand, G Dragon seems to be the type to want to take his woman out to places she's never been. He has the badboy persona and raps like no tomorrow, but has that angel like voice as well. He's extremely into fashion and his image. He would be the one to act tough, even if he is upset and comfort his girl.
Now do see how hard it is for me? They're my top 2 biases. Of course I have more but those two have a deathgrip on me and I can't choose one over the other. If there are fangirls/fanboys struggling with an issue similar to this, I know exactly how you feel.