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HOW TO: •boil a pot of water •when water finishes boiling,pour water into 1 cup (it doesnt matter what kind of cup) How much water you pour depends on how much hair you want colored. •get your kool-aid package (DONT use the ones that HAVE SUGAR in them) and pour half the powder in the water •with your hair divided into 2 sides,pony tail the side your doing to prevent hair from getting everywhere. •Stick all the hair you want dyed into the cup •time for 30 minutes (I know its kind of uncomfortable but when the cup cools,pick it up and go watch tv or something to pass time) •when your time is up,be sure to have a towel by your side •Use the tub or sink to rinse that side out •condition then rinse again •dry with blow dryer or towel •do the same thing with the other side of your hair with the rest of your kool-aid package •enjoy your hair! (HOW TO GET OUT OF HAIR: •mixed boiled water with baking soda into a cup (will be fizzing) •leave hair into cup until all the kool-aid comes out
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I would do it but my parents hahaha
girls used to do this in the 90's
I remember doing this in high school..... in the late '80's & early '90's..... that's a TB thought!!!
I did this a few months ago with cherry red. My hair is black but gets dark to medium brown toward the bottom from extended sun exposure, so when I used the cherry, it didn't show on my black but gave the bottom of my hair a cool ombre effect! :)