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It has been a while since I made a card on men hairstyle. On Sunday, while cleaning my room I found a H&M Spring 2015 catalog sitting on my magazine rack. I normally recycle store catalogs I get from shopping but I remember why I kept this one. The catalog covered the latest spring trends and the famous ex-England captain grace the cover of H&M's magazine. His new haircut caught my attention and I wanted to dedicate a card on this particular style. I was a little distracted and forgot about the catalog, so I'm finally getting to it!
This hairstyle is a softer version of an undercut. David Beckham's version features a naturally style quiff. The textured look is getting popular and more people are going for this type of low-maintenance!
Is it suitable for everyone?
Yes! It's pretty versatile but works best if have naturally wave hair. For curly hair, this type of cut can add an interesting silhouette. In addition, this haircut works particularly well with longer face.
Usually undercut is done with clippers but David Beckham's style is scissored. This will create a softer look and a lot more texture! Take a look at BluMaan's video for haircut and styling tip.