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After posting about the breads that are great to take on longer trails, I thought I should also add on what cheeses you should bring to pair with those breads, or to add to your other meals.
If you're hiking or camping for a few days, you have probably learned that your cheese sticks won't last more than 2-3 days, but there are cheese that will make it!

- Wrap a cheese like cheddar in cheese cloth, or, cut it into serving sized pieces and wax them yourself

- Any waxed hard cheese will make it; I like a good Asiago!

- Baby Bell individually waxed cheeses

- Avoid mozzarella, ricotta, or chevre, or soft cheeses like camembert or brie -- their moisture content is too high to last long

- Avoid sheep’s milk cheeses, as they are higher in butterfat and the surface will get oily when they get warm

- Pack-it gourmet has a selection of powdered and shelf-stable cheeses
When you pack your cheese, wrap the cheese in wax or parchment paper, and then a layer of plastic wrap. This will help keep it fresh longer! Or, you can use cheesecloth soaked in vinegar and another layer. Vinegar fights the mold and cheesecloth will absorb any oil that leaks out of the cheese!

@Gavriella I know! I used to worry a lot more but surprisingly you can make it work...hope you find a hard cheese ya like to bring lol
This is great, because I love camping and never bring cheese out of fear of it spoiling. But now I know!
@jeff4122 And it's just delicious!
Great advice! cheese is such a great thing to bring on a long hike if you can manage to find a way to keep it, as it isn't terribly heavy but really fills you up