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Okay we all have that one KDrama actor/actress which convinced us to look up their group. Most recently for me it was Yook Sung-Jae (BtoB), Seol Hyun (AOA), and Lee Jong-Hyun (CNBlue). After watching them in some recent KDrama's I looked at their bio's on Viki, and when I saw them in KPOP groups I started spazzing out looking for their song. What actor/actress made you start listening to the boy/girl group they were in?
Haha I don't know if he is in a Kpop band or anything but Park yoo hwan made me get his hair cut haha
Seolhyun, Jonghyun, & does Seo Inguk count?
Sungjae, Minho, Jinyoung, Lee Tae Hwan, Kang Minhyuk, Myungsoo and so many more LOL