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Hello, everybody~! So this September BTS is coming back to the US for a bit of a smaller tour for Highlights. I have talked with a few of the people going to the Atlanta show and we have decided that we want to give a gift to our dear boys during the hi-touch session. I managed to do a bit of research and found out that flower meanings are kind of a big deal in korean culture, so we though that all of us could find different flowers with meanings that make us think of the boys. And then we thought, "Well that just isn't enough." So, we also decided that we could write short little notes of encouragement and support and tie them to the flowers. We want to show the boys that their hard work is duly noted. And how much they're loved, of course! If you all could please spread this around and hop on board, that would mean a lot. Thank you~!
Update! We conferred with one of the representatives of SubKulture and TGM and decided that if you can not go or if you don't want to bring flowers, you could make a short video (under a minute preferred) expressing your gratitude and support for the boys! Email your videos to and we will choose the best ones and compile them into one big video that will (hopefully) be played after the boys' finale at the show! Thanks for supporting our boys! Hope to see you there~!
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