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For fun this past Katsucon, we decided to put together Gossip Girl inspired looks!
This show had me hooked since I started watching and I admit that I am shamelessly still obsessed with it! We of course HAD to do a photoshoot of it, and our wonderful friend Brad took on the role of our photographer!
Brad dabbles in con photography and has taken some beautiful photos of me as both Anna and Sailor Anna. It was really fun to work together on this and experiment with low light settings, and trying to get the same intimate feel as in the show. I'm very very happy with how the entire shoot turned out, and I can't thank Brad enough for staying up so late for these!
I mention all of this because it was just recently his birthday! Brad has been an amazing friend for several years. He adds so much to our friend group with his dry wit and is so caring and sweet towords us and to DTP as a whole. He's one of the people who help behind the scenes and at gatherings to make sure everything is possible!
Thank you to Brad for the photo! And Happy Birthday! ^^
Serena: Jenni Bon
Blair: uberwren
Jenny: Angelipon
Chuck: stickehbun
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This is such a great photo. Your expression is priceless! I hope your friend had an awesome birthday!