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I say Minho obviously!!! There doesn't even need to be a discussion about this is obviously Minho. I think I sound a bit biased but Minho is like one of my top top bias so sorry if u think different from me. Comment your opinion credits go to koreaboo....... Just look at Minho's abs!!!😍🍫🍫
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is this a real question? haha. Minho would crush justin.
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You're in a Kpop community, who do you think we're going to vote for. 😂
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I vote Minho and not just because I'm a K-Pop fan and I don't really like Justin Beiber... Okay so maybe that is the reason... Oh well XD
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Minho could take his shirt off and make Justin Bieber cry.....(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) if you get what I'm puttin' down
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