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Am I the only one who watches KPOP videos and wants to cry because your bias is so far away and you may never meet them. So am I the only one?
Also GOODNIGHT!!!! Here are some music videos!
I'm with you hahahaha
*slowly raises hand*
I feel the same way. what's even worse is everyone thinks my boyfriend might propse this year and my first thought was now i won't be able to marry GD 鞓る範.....sad day
I usually think, oh man I'd love to be friends with them, because they look so fun and like they're such good friends with one another and I don't have that iRL. But I never get emotional about it lol and I kinda feel like it wouldn't be a huge deal to meet them (unless it's a meet and end up in a close relationship,like good friends or something) because, yeah they're famous, but they are just people xD I'm weird though. I've always thought that way about famous people.
It also happens to me! I wonder if I'll ever be able to meet them or if I'll ever be able to go to at least one of their concerts... and I wonder if my dream to go to S.Korea will really come true if I work hard or if it's just an illusion... cuz I'll need lots of money! lol there are lots of things i wonder about and 95.9% are about kpop or S.Korea!!! >.<"