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With make-up(:
or No make-up? I like both but cant decide with one to do for the convention :/ A little help would be great! Thanks<3
@AkiraCondry @shannonI5 @SamSchaaff @amendasaeyang Thank you guys so much! It helped alot! I'll do no make-up But I think I'll use brown eyeliner a bit at the end of his eyes, do u think that will work? I want to try to keep his little cat eye look(: I'll post a picture of the final project, okay? :D
@MissCandyFreak I think that'll work perfectly, I can't wait to see it :) ♡
Ouu, they both look great. I like the pic with the makeup! And like Shannon said, but I don't think everyone remembers him as the bright and hopeful. It gives your eyes some definition, and I think it looks great on you. I think it kind of gives off a more manga look for you, while with no makeup just makes you more natural(and hopeful etc). Just don't overdo it. Hope you have fun at the convention! (:
I like both looks actually, but I like the no make up look abit more. i hope this helped in some way :)
Oooh that's a good point @vulpix I think brown will work @MissCandyFreak it might look a bit more natural while still giving you the cat-eye you want. I'm sure it will look great!
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