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kpop handwriting challange
Favorite group (male/female): exo / 2ne1 Bias member (male/female): sehun / CL First K-Pop song: Mama (EXO) First bias group (male/female): BIGBANG / 2ne1 First bias member (male/female): gd/ CL First K-Pop dance learned: fantastic baby Favorite... (male/female) Dancer: kai (exo)/ dara (2ne1) Vocalist: do or chen(exo) / Hani (EXID) Leader: G-Dragon (BIGBANG) / cl (2ne1 Maknae: Sehun (Exo) / park bom ( 2ne1) Visual / face: chanyeol or sehun(exo) / cl (2ne1) Rapper: xiumin (Exo) / CL (2ne1) Subunit: GD & Taeyang / (I don't know any female subunits!) Choreography: wolf (exo) & A.D.T.O.Y (2PM) / I am the Best (2ne1) & Red Light (f(x)) Oh Yeah! by MBLAQ has awesome choreography as well!
Wow ours are very similar hahahaha you should have wrote it out! It's fun seeing everyone's handwriting :-)
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i dont.have a good camera so
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Nothing beats Wolf choreo!
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