I've done so much the past few days...had loads of activity and yet all I have moved up is one rank. I guess I'm just not meant to be happy and depression has its grasp on me because there is no way I'll make it to the top 20 with today being the 21st. Goodbye to my sweet dream of seeing Big Bang... (┳Д┳)
Getting into the top 20 won't be easy and you'll have to be really active in the kpop community. But instead of getting discouraged, you should have fun here :-) when you start having fun and talking to people and whatnot,you'll start moving up without even noticing :-) remember, you only lose when you give up! You still have a chance! FIGHTING!!
@KatieWarren, people who get into the top spot in just a week do so by spamming or something (there was a post not long about people spamming?) and that isn't allowed. So don't follow their footsteps! We still have time left, the contest ends in 10 days :-) Being active and commenting and posting, liking, and clipping will get you there. What's great about this community is, even though a lot of people are in the contest, everyone supports each other. :-) We all have your back! Just don't give up! However if you're sick, don't force yourself! Your health is definitely the most important thing :-)
hooray!!!!! more people in the family :)
I won't go anywhere if I lose, I promise @tayunnie
good luck!!! no matter even if you don't win we're all still a community and i hope you decide to stay!!
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