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So I've been watching "The Time That I Loved You 7000 Days" and it's official, Infinite's L has made my heart flutter soo many times in just the first two episodes.
First off, he's the reason I started listening to Infinites's music. From the moment I seen him in "My Lovable Girl" I wanted to see more of him. So I looked him up and discovered he was a kpop star (bonus)
Second, he's the reason I watched this show ("The Time That I Loved You 7000 Days"). I probably would not have even given it a look, honestly
Third, he's actually a pretty good actor from what I've noticed from watching the dramas he's been in
Fourth, he's so darn cute, especially when he smiles (even though you can't see his dimples here)
This is just a picture that I screen shot while watching the show lol
Lastly, it's Tuesday right?...I'm just going to leave this here
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Wow he stolen my heart too鉂わ笍馃挒馃拫馃挆馃挀馃挄馃挅馃槝馃巰
@poojas I just found out yesterday. @liuser5ever I agree this is a cute show I plan on finishing, but I miss his character already. @ThaoSamantha I know right
I love him sooo much his face is sooo addictive lol if u know what I mean @TatiCee
@sherrysahar awwwwwwwww
I first saw him on Shut up Flower Boy Band and he is the entire reason I got into Kpop! I'm glad his acting is getting better! \^_^/