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Okay! Hi guys! So , i know this is totally not kpop related but i really dont talk to the other communities and i love you guys so ... Hehe just this once i will break the rules!! //evil laughing// My mom and my kpop dance team at school was begging me all today about trying something new or change up my style this school year since im requested to do more peformances this year which means i will be showcased around my city alot this year. Those who know me knows im a big tomboy who mostly wears black. Haha my mom hates it sooo much but i cant help my fav color is black. She gave me a whole speech about how do i want to become a peformer and wont atleast dress to attract fans or atleast look somewhat atttactive. (says the lady who braids all my hair up knowing i look strange with all my hair up.) My group say as a leader i should try to atleast improve my appearence a tad bit for the same reason. I agreed that i wanted to try something new but a bit scared to step out of my comfort zone. So i told her i will try but my clothing style (tomboyish) wont change but i will wear more colors and change my hairstyle for this school year. I decided that i want to go slight tomboy ulzzang. I tried ulzzang makeup a couple of times for my middle school prom and birthday and i thought i look nice . here some pics of my attempts at ulzzang makup:
Not that great but i think i look nice with that style of makeup. So i need your guys help with my hair!!! Can you guys vote on which hairstyle and hair color would look best in me ? @kpopandkimchi @PassTheSuga @jiggzy19 @poojas @KpopGaby @kookiebyu @AgentLeo and others can comment below also!
So here's hairstyle 1. I always wanted to cut my hair short like Amber's but mom homophobeness be coming out slightly so we compromised on getting it short but not ultimate short like she have it now. My fabulous brother ( he of key sometimes so i call him fabulous oppa or almighty dre ) say I dont look as nice with short hair . Here is when i had cut my hair a bit medium short:
bad pic oh well~ lol
okay here's 2. I wore a similar hairstyle to this a couple months ago but it was pin straight and darker. ( in my boa dance video) I had a positive reaction so i thought maybe if i did it a bit wavier it would be cuter.
3. same style but longer. My brother says i look better with longer hair so i might get extentions for this hairstyle.
4. Long and straight. Personally i love straight hair but mom: try something different . oh well if i really want it i'll get it straight.
Next is hair colors. I want to temp. dye my hair but i dont know what to choose. maybe a red? brownish red? she scares me a bit lol sorry
or a orangish red brown.~ like bommie
or a candy red like krystal ?
If you think another color would look nice on me then i'd be more than hsppy to know~~ Leave a comment below on what you think. I will take your opinons in consideration and by. middle August I'll post the finish project. Thank you very gamsa!!
I agree with @jiggzy19 .I like your dark hair. I'm really like and I keep my hair black or blue black. I think blue or purple would be really cute on you! I think you should dye the ends. There is nothing wrong with dressing like a tomboy if that's how your comfortable, however I understand your mom. Unfortunately appearance is important if your a leader. Be tomboyish just add some color and look at some styles that maybe one of your fav kpop stars wear and try to incorporate. Im sure there are ways to be tomboyish and stylish at the same time.
I like 2 as well! It's different but not TOO different! I like the dark purpley red as a color too :):)
Thank you very gamsa@jiggzy19
Ok so I like hairstyle number 2 the most, I think it would work best with your face shape, also I wouldn't dye your hair completely, just some highlights would look awesome ^^ I wouldn't go for either of the colors you chose though, I don't think either would suit you that well (based off of your photos) I'd say a blue or purple highlights :) I have the same sort of style as you, I pretty much only wear black as well, so does my brother (@MattK95) we both like adding pops of color here and there though, the effect of the color pop against black clothing looks so awesome ^^ So honestly I personally don't think you need to change your style of clothing, maybe just add some color here and there, even if it's just colored shoes, hat, bracelets, belt, or even a bandanna... I hope this helped, I'm just giving my honest opinion :D
im sorry so late, i really like style #2 (:
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