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Friend: So I herd you have a 1.5? Me: Yeah Heechul of SuJu Friend: Isnt SuJu consider an old band? Isnt every one around 30? Google:

Me: ;; Yeah so? Friend: And I thought you were crazy for liking GD who is 28 ㅋㅋㅋ Me: Hes not old ;; Friend: Yes, He is, Joseph Me: *scrolls through tumblr looking for pictures of Heechul* Its okay Heechul I still love you
Yep my friends found out Heechul's age and ar picking on me for liking him. How does that even? Like she LLLLOOOVVVEEESS Tom Hiddleston (I do too) And hes in his 30s xD but I guess you always have to have a friend who picks on you for liking someone whos "older"
Members of Super Junior don't age, its a rule
@RochelleDiamond ;; I would be pissed too
@mehzhucarez The worst my friends ever said to me was I would kill Korean people and collect their skin to wear so i could finally be Korean....I was pissed....
I love Heechul and I'm 17 lol fortunately my friends don't care about Kpop enough to bother me about it lol
@kpopandkimchi It seems like it lol
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