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The longer length of skirts and dresses is coming back into fashion. Long are the days of when shorter was better. This vintage trend of longer midi-skirts and midi-dresses is great for transitioning your style from summer into fall.


The best way to style midi-skirts is to wear a form-fitting tucked-in top or a crop top. The midi-skirt is fairly flowy on its own and you don't want to wear a very flowy top with a flowy bottow — it will swallow you. To make sure that your legs don't look short, pair the midi-skirt with sandals or heels to elongate your legs.


Follow the same shoe style advice when it comes to wearing midi-dresses — make sure to wear sandals or heels if you are worried about the midi-dress shortening your legs.

Midi-skirt and midi-dress fashion inspiration

Here is some more fashion inspiration to show you ways to style your midi-skirt or midi-dress.

Make it fun!

So glad these are coming back! I love the vintage inspiration! Everything is always too short!
@TessStevens I used to think that I wouldn't look good in them because they would make my legs look short but rocking them with a pair of wedges or heels really helps!
I agree with you @TessStevens I feel awkward in this length cause of how short I am. I do like the look though
I'm glad it's coming back in style. To me its classy and ladylike. I'm all about that my Mom raised me to be a lady. Lol
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