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I love music and you probably do to. Found this on pinterest to share with you all.
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classical and new age piano mostly, some today's hits etc. and you?
@blue7even I'm not picky at all! I've been on a hip-hop kick lately, Last week it was really saccharine pop, the week before it was Mahler, the week before that it was showtunes... I'm eclectic. I haven't seen a lot of classical music on here though! Do you think you'll be making any cards about that?
I might start one for piano with a large variety, not limited to just classical. I'm still new here and learning about vingle as I go, but yes.
@blue7even that sounds really good! I think if you do a mix of different time periods you might help people learn about new musicians. Maybe if you did a card that explained the differences between different eras of piano music?
really good ideas @shannonl5! it might take me a while though.