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You can! All week long!
Colbert thought, what better way to get to know his new Late Show viewers than by having lunch with them every day for a week? So all week long, you can tune into his appropriately-named web series Stephen Colbert Has Daily Lunch With You starring Stephen Colbert.
Like any lunch, you'll laugh, you'll gossip and you'll take a couple selfies. Stephen might even give you some relationship advice while you eye the ribs he's eating across the table.
So for all of you out there who eat lunch at your desk because you're trying to avoid that awkward or annoying co-worker, now you have a new lunch companion.
I am so going to watch all of these. I'm patiently waiting for his video for today lol.
@danidee you just have to wait til lunch time :)
"I'm a lucky man." Hahahaha XD love it!!