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Its been hot, like hell on earth, end of days, hot. My fan actually is beginning to resemble a dragon because the air its blowing at me is straight fire. Which is probably why videos and headlines a surfacing everywhere about leaving children and puppies in hot cars unattended for hours.
Seems like something that really doesnt need to be said and yet....Why the hell do people think its ok to leave their kids in cars with the windows rolled up in 95 degree heat?!
Just think for a second, you know when you come back from the beach and you have to get in the car and you physically can't because your car has morphed into a brick oven. Yeah, now imagine a baby (or puppy) stuck in that.
And heres why its a huge deal.
According to webmd, on days when it is just above 70 degrees, your car (which is pretty much a green house) will experience a 70% increase in temperature in only a half an hour! Now imagine what that percentage would be if it was 80 or 90 degrees outside.
The avoidable cause for over 600 infant deaths in the past 20 years has been from heat stroke after being left in a locked car. And that only counts the death toll, the number of children who survived with lasting effects from heat stroke is much higher.
Heat stroke happens when the body temperature reaches above 104 degrees. "The symptoms include dizziness, disorientation, agitation, confusion, sluggishness, seizure, loss of consciousness, and/or death."
Here is a video of a grown man staying in the car for 3 hours (the time someone usually takes to shop). While he does use sarcasm, it is clear the absolute torture it is to stay in a car this long.
Just look at the sweat soaking his shirt.
And to think, he is a grown male. Imagine an infant.
Another huge problem is dogs being left in the car. Fun fact, dogs can not sweat like people do so they have no way to cool down.
It can take as little as 15 minutes to alter the brain of a dog, or kill them from heat.
Heres a video of football player Tyrann Mathieu trying to last 15 minutes in the hot car. Lets just say it was a lot harder then he thought. Keep an eye on the rising tempter in the car on the upper right side.
All in all, if you see a child, or dog in a hot car do something! Because if you don't, something dire can happen.
@marshalledgar thats soooooo true!! thats a good rule of thumb @nicolejb its insane right !! like i really don't think anyone should be left in a car for any amount of time !! its just to hot
This is frightening. I’ve seen it way too much in the news to not talk about. Thanks for writing a card on it!
@LizArnone Good rule of thumb: if it's warm enough to melt your lip stick, it's too hot to leave babies and pets in the car.
@marshalledgar exactly! when i heard the commercial on the radio yesterday about not leaving pets and babies in the car i thought it was a joke. i would never ever think that that is ok! i don't even like to leave water bottles in my car because they get so warm!!
I am still struggling to understand how people forget that a baby/pet is in the car. I've heard stories galore of forgetful parents/owners, which results in the death of baby/pet. Part of me refuses to believe they forgot. Then another part of me clearly sees how this is possible. So like I said, it's a struggle to wrap my mind around this issue.