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Although I sat through every episode of America's Next Top Model for 15 seasons, the only episode I truly cared about each season was the makeover episode. Tyra claimed to have an eye for makeovers, and in some cases she was right, but in others, she was horribly, horribly wrong.

Best: Brittani, Season 16

When Tyra did a good job, she turned a pretty normal looking girl into an obvious model, usually by giving her a shorter haircut. If I remember correctly, Brittani was one of the many girls who sobbed dramatically while Tyra cut all her hair off, but I'd say the end product was worth it.

Best: Nicole, Season 5

Nicole was so pretty to begin with, but Tyra did the perfect job of making her look a little more modelesque. Not a huge change here compared to some of the other dramatic model makeovers, but it was always one of my favorites.

Best: Yoanna, Season 2

Don't mind Yoanna's crazy eyes in the before picture. Again, Tyra does an awesome job of making a woman's best features obvious by cutting and darkening the hair.

Worst: Marvita, Season 10

I vaguely remember this haircut being called the "horse mane" which just sounds like a bad idea to begin with.

Worst: Molly, Season 16

Molly looks so much better in the before picture. I think she ended up getting this weave removed after Tyra realized how bad it looked. In the end she comes out looking just like she did before the entire makeover process. Thanks, Tyra!!

Worst: Brittany, Season 8

This photo does not do this makeover justice. She had a terrible bright red weave that looked unflattering, not to mention incredibly painful. It took Tyra half the season to take it out of her hair...but beauty is pain, I guess.
The one for Nicole is crazy! If I saw that before/after, I'd assume she got some sort of plastic surgery procedure, but on closer look, it seems like Tyra just relaxed her hair, reshaped her brow, and worked with a different palette of colors for her makeup. Hers was my favorite from this list. :)
I know @danidee I thought she had sort of a simple makeover at first, but when you take a closer look she looks so much different! Tyra occasionally knows what she's doing ;)