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Still single? Still in shambles?
Fear not, peeps. There's nothing worse than marriage. ;)
So you're jealous. It's the first emotion people feel once they realize someone's doing something of greater "importance" than you.
And importance is used by society. People think getting married is the end all be all of life, and it's just not.
Nothing is more important than the thing you care about most. Remember that. So you're focusing on your career, great!
Your focusing on your cat, even better!
Don't let the pressure from the outside world get you down. Marriage will come when you want it to...if you want it to.
After you stop being jealous, you'll start questioning the path you've taken.
"If I had just hung on with that guy or gal I could be married right now too!"
Settling is as close to death as you will ever be without dying. Get a hold of yourself.
Marriage implies a unification of souls. If you're not ready to meld your soul with someone else's, you're not ready to get married. It's not a business decision and it's not a convenience thing. It's pretty serious, and as lightly as some take it it's a commitment.
I'm not ready for that shit. I can barely feed myself.
It's like putting the cart before the horse and all that.
So after you have a mild collapse, you start to have some perspective. Like, I'm 22. Or 32 or whatever!
Right now the consensus is to be wild, have fun, be selfish and reckless.
But also be put together enough to arrive at work in the morning and navigate the post-collegiate haze. Marriage, and even a boyfriend would be too much for me. I'm chained to my work. It consumes all of my time and that's great, because that's what I want.
If your aspiration is to have a family right away, don't put stress on yourself, and don't succumb to other people's timelines. Things will work out.
No mater what's on facebook, or whose ring is biggest, you'll always have yourself right? No matter how twisted or f---ed up that person is.
Marriage, family, money, whatever...things will work out!
So chill and be proud of yourself, because...50 percent of marriages end in divorce!
And you'll support them no matter what happens, because that's what friends do. It just may be a bumpy road to get there!
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