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Set to be released tomorrow, you can see the first pages a day early!

Just before new comic book day, has released a preview of Wonder Woman #42. Diana is going to be learning more about her new role as the God of War, which means exploring Ares' past- and dealing with a few thugs along the way. Take a look!

All in a day's work for Wonder Woman!

But there's something ominous in store for this release.

Nothing she can't handle of course!

The art is stunning as always. Some of the perspectives seem a little poorly-considered (is it really necessary to give her a rubber spine for one panel of boobs-and-butt posing?), but overall this seems like a great continuation of the Wonder Woman saga!
@shannonl5 you sound like my friend. She's really iffy about the new 52. She complains about how they change many story lines.
@OhmaCharly yeah! I don't like all the new 52 but I really like the Wonder Woman comics!
@OhmaCharly have you seen this yet? :D