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1. Rain 2. Jaejoong 3. Park Yoo Chun 4. Si Won - SJ 5. Song Joong Ki 6. Changmin 7. G-Dragon - Bigbang 8. TOP 9. Jin woon - 2AM 10. Jong Hun [ other pics just look at the site ] Source: http://forums.allkpop.com/threads/korean-male-celebrities-with-girly-makeup.92554/
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flip! some of them is really scary! D:
5 years ago·Reply
@yukias yeah xD
4 years ago·Reply
So many are down right beautiful in makeup. I'm partial to GD & TOP. I know GD can pull it off as a woman as he has in many of the parodies. TOP looks great in everything.
4 years ago·Reply
OMG..hahahaha they're so scary funny and cute.
4 years ago·Reply
Oh my god this is brilliant HAAHAHAH
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