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The latest trailer for American Ultra puts more focus on the action side of the movie than the comedy. The previous trailer was more on the comedy-side and one of the reasons this is (most definitely) going to be my favorite movie of the summer is the way it straddles the line between the two genres.
I don't usually enjoy second trailers for movies I'm already excited to see. But this one does something that a lot of other trailers don't. As I said earlier it showcases the action side of the film and by doing that it allows us to see and engage in something new, instead of a rehash of what we've previously seen.
The only other movie that falls within this genre (stoner comedy/action) is Pineapple Express and that movie didn't really walk the line the same way American Ultra looks like it's going to, it felt more like an action movie that had stoners in it or vice versa. All that being said, I'm really excited for this movie to come out.
American Ultra will be in theaters August 21st, 2015