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started riding down a hill that I've pretty much mastered, but I was going faster than i have before, and it was too much too handle. Fell off the board towards the bottom and tried using my feet to run and maybe stop after getting off, but dudnt help and I fell shoulder first and slammed my knee onto the pavement, and slid on my back a bit and thats when I really started to roll. On the first roll, I hit my head on the road pretty hard. Doing better now, still in pain.
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definitely need a helmet
Definitely need a helmet bro.
awww brutal dude! please wear a helmet... my boyfriend got a tbi last year because he didnt have one on! be safe!
if ur gonna go big, go get some protection. otherwise its only a matter of time till your seriously injured or dead. i know as a boarder youve heard it before but take it fron someone whos shredded mountains and went down at over 40mph. even with all the necessary padding and protection theres always a chance you wont walk away from the next crash. shred on bro
did something similar when I used to ride a skateboard and I skinned my entire back pretty bad, but if you're doing stuff like that you seriously need some protective gear